People who love?


Hey there fatsos,

How’re we doing tonight? I’m going to share some itty bitty information with you because it’s just impossible for me to store it in my head and I need to vent.
 I know a girl, let’s call her Mia.
So, Mia. She woke up one morning not to the rays of sunlight, but to the face of her mother bickering at her ill lifestyle. Sounds to us like a ‘been there done that’ kind of a situation, doesn’t it? It does to me because that roughly describes every morning of my twenty years of life so far, except that instead of my mom it’s my dad who wakes me up. But, this isn’t about me. This is about her.

She was still in bed when she realized it was a Saturday. Saturday used to be the ‘shopping day’ for her family and it, how do I put this delicately, sucked balls. (Trust me, that is delicate)
Mia loved shopping. However, since a couple of years or to be precise, since she got fat, she hadn’t shopped much. She didn’t just dislike it. She loathed it. Saturday was not the day to wait for anymore.
So, whenever the day arrived and the men of the family tied their laces and the women strapped on a pair to go get the bills exchanged for some new cool stuff, Mia always malingered or feigned some errands to run. That one time, though, there was no way out for her. She needed clothes. I repeat, needed. Expelling an “ Ah, What the hell! Just this one time. How bad can it be!” from her fat pair of lips, she went. To shop.  

Out there in the market she could not find anything that fit her. Girls like us: Mia, you and I: we have special stores for us where we can walk in exactly how a slender, sleek and confident girl sashays inside a normal store, picks up a pair of denims with the minimum waist length, hand out the money and exits with the same air, attitude and prettiness about her as she had entered with. Granted, of course, the lofty stone of embarrassment and shame; enthroning our hearts like a glum paper-weight.

Mia entered the store and heard her mother hiss curtly as she did. She would try on a few clothes and then show her mother who would inspect her, grunt at her fat body, reject them outright and hand her another ones. When her elder sister handed her a short skirt, she hesitated, because she hadn’t worn any since she discovered her body peeking out of short clothes making her look like a disgusting fat clown. Her sister insisted her anyway. She tried it on. As she came out, there was a chorus of boisterous, mocking jeers and laughter. And if that was not enough, her mother looked at the sales people and said, still laughing, “Look at how she looks. Dresses don’t fit her even here in a store made for fat people.”

She stood there- a stoned fat body clad in an undersized dress, subjected to such an unkind travesty.  And by who? People who loved her? People she loved? She shut the door at their faces, sulked down to the floor, tears traversing down her face like tributaries of a river, realizing that she had been ridiculed and reduced to the extent of a fat hole in the universe by the people she refers to as her family.
                                                                                                                                                                             That Fat Girl


35 thoughts on “People who love?

  1. jeswin

    I am pleasantly surprised. It has been a while since a refreshing change of words hit my screens..
    thanks.. I’ll be keeping you in the loop…
    that fat boy

  2. Hey,
    I have been teased around a bit, they tell me stop eating so much, dont have this, do some exercise etc. but i found a way to pass it off. ignore it ! don’t respond. after a while they all just don’t bother much anymore. If you want to shed of some pounds you do it if u want it or if Mia wants it. not for the sake of others.
    who knows maybe u will feel better
    Don’t be embarassed for who you are, we are who we are !

  3. aimster813

    Just remember it’s not about what the package looks like, it’s what is inside that matters. Don’t let others make you feel like less than you are. We all matter, we all have something wonderful to share. I would recommend dropping the toxic away from you, find others that will build you up again – it isn’t easy but it makes a huge difference.

  4. Liberty Barker

    I have been fat, skinny, and just right.
    No I’m not going to say ~ its whats inside that counts or my favorite~ you have a pretty face…..
    When my youngest son was 10 i figured my weight couldn’t possibly be baby weight. I was 185 and I’m not even 5 ft…
    So I went on atkins and worked out. I became 110 lbs and tone for years..
    Three years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver failure. I lost weight I was down to 80 lbs I was dying.
    Last year I went into a coma and received a new liver. I have been in rehab physical and mental for the last year. It took 6 months after my surgery to start gaining weight again. I had no energy, I couldn’t even walk on my own. I was prescribed 5 carb shakes a day, I was told to eat the most fattening things I could.
    Wellll ~ I’m fat again! I walk around nude in my house all the time. I would love to go to a nudist beach. I’m more secure with my weight, and body now than I ever have been. And I have multiple scars on my body from surgery one that runs the length of my rib cage.
    My husband of 19 years (who is tall and skinny) says I’m more beautiful now than I ever have been.
    Fat,skinny,tall,or short~ My beautiful perfectly proportioned sister…Just be happy. My new motto~ If you don’t like it don’t look.

  5. Hey girl,
    Can totally relate to this. Not so much about being teased or anything because I think my weight issue is more in my head than it is anywhere else. But I get it, not wanting to go shopping or go places because you’ve put on some weight really takes it’s toll on you. I am sorry you had to go through that in front a crowd of people and I can only imagine how you felt. Sometimes people don’t understand being heavier because they associate it with being “lazy” but the truth is it has a lot to do with other things and very little to do with that. I don’t know how you look but I hope that you and Mia realize that what your family said was a form of tough love. It sucks and it hurts but some people in our lives don’t know how to show they care other than being aggressive. Be happy and proud of how you look, once you start believing yourself only then will they believe you. Confidence is quiet and insecurities are very loud. In order for them to show you love, you have to love yourself first. I struggle with this on the regular, believe me. You’re not alone ! Hope your next shopping trip is more enjoyable.

  6. I’ve never been ‘fat’ but I think I totally understand how Mia feels. Yes, she will feel sad but there’s nothing better than getting up and doing the right thing for her; exercising and eating right. I’m sure this has been said already. Mia shouldn’t hate herself, she should get up and work on her problem! It won’t be easy and she might fail on the way but what’s important is that she gets back on her feet and continues to work on herself.
    I must say that this post (blog even) has kinda encouraged me to want to eat right and exercise.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog I appreciate the visit, Reading your post you seem like a very interesting person with a lot to say, I look forward to reading more! Cheers!

  8. This is so sad. Some people shouldn’t have children if they are going to treat them poorly. No wonder “Mia” is overweight, she’s eating to fill a void that was put there by her unsupportive family. One day she will find herself, I hope, and realize that she only has herself to rely on.

  9. Don’t let anyone make you feel inadequate. We live in a sad superficial world. Individuality rocks and you are an individual that is clearly going places. Be different and be proud to be different. Don’t let anyone hold you back. It’s not what you wear or how you look, it’s what you do and say that leaves an impression on people.

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