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  1. Hi BGBP,
    First of all, I love the photo – is it yours? Very clever!
    I’m looking forward to following your writing.
    Also, if you want to, we’d love to publish a “guest post” of yours. All you have to do:
    Register, login, write an article or story and then save it.
    We’re a sex/relationship advice site so share some wisdom with our readers! Below every article we show the bio you fill in when registering and a link back to your blog. Our site is set up as a kind of blogger promo site. All our content comes from lot of bloggers.
    Also, we’re running a cash giveaway campaign right now so submit an article and be in to win $300! (You can see all the details on the site.)
    I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to more of your writing.
    Andrew Brighton
    p.s. Please delete this comment, cheers!

  2. Hello – thanks for visiting my blog (despatches fromtimbuktu). I recently read a novel by Lionel Shriver titled “Big Brother” – deals very much with the topic of FAT – it’s a great read and food for thought.

  3. Thanks for the visit and follow! I like your style too and added you to my feed reader. If you are looking for a place to totally fit in, look up the SCA. I grew up around so many heavy people that I learned long ago it is the person not the body. Cheers! Katystuff.wordpress.com

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