What’s my name?


Hey there pretty fatsos!

I start this blog today owing to my sudden and desperate desire for anonymity. It is cowardly and all I know, but a girl’s got to do something. I type my first post with my tiny fat fingers to get across a little something about me. I use the word ‘fat’ so much because I have been so closely associated with this word for about four years now that I have started perceiving an uncanny ring to it. And brace yourself because you’re going to read a lot more of this word here.

‘Fat’ is a fat word, isn’t it?  Now when you look at it, it looks so thin, but the effect is indubitably fat. I heard my best friend use that word for me once. And she did not just use it to bad mouth me, she used it as one of the reasons to prove to some guy that I’m a little less than who she is. As piercing as it was, the experience taught me to accept things. Of course it made me even more cynical. Oh yeah I’m a cynical biatch! I think all fat people are. (Prove me wrong here)

This and a lot of other things added up bring me here. I am a twenty year old girl. Dark. Stand tall at an average height. Indian. Fat. Anonymous.  And I’m here to have fun.

So pull up your big panties all you fat people, let’s write to share.

P.S- I’m going to refer to you as fatsos because I find the word cute. I have a bad habit of using words solely depending upon how they sound.

                                                                                                                                                                                   That Fat Girl